Adorable Girl Exposed Gold Digger Guy 1

Adorable Girl “Exposed Gold Digger” Guy

Although we think he never accepted a date, he was only being nice to meet her as a friend because she actually "invited" him to go with her. It isn't like the other videos showing women coming back to apologize and implying they're free for anything.
4-Day's Unlimited F**king on a Colombian Island 1

4-Day’s Unlimited F**king on a Colombian Island

While prostitution is legal in the South American nation, pimping is illegal. The law also prohibits the promotion of sex tourism. It’s unknown if Good Girls is breaking any laws. The X-rated Colombian retreat is the brainchild of Good Girls Company, and promises 30 lucky guests unlimited alcohol, sex, 60 prostitutes, hard drugs, and transport to and from the airport. Wow, they truly thought of everything. The airport transfer is a very nice touch.