Bikers Are Awesome

Bikers Are Awesome 2015

Back in the days I was getting up way too early to, grabbed my mountain bike and head over to one of the moutain bike parcours that the organisation had setup in different villages. But none of them had this amazing parcours on their track.
Smiley Prank

Smiley Prank

Lately there are a lot of sick and disturbing pranks on youtube. Take this Scary Smiley Prank for example.. how would you react if you see this in real life?
Pregnant beggar

Pregnant beggar with boy drives off in a Mercedes-Benz

SAN DIEGO - An outraged viewer contacted Team 10 after she watched a pregnant woman and a boy beg for money in a shopping center and then drive away in a Mercedes Benz. Melissa Smith took pictures of the beggar, the boy and the Benz. Smith said she saw the pre...

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