People Are Awesome the Summer Edition 1

People Are Awesome the Summer Edition

Summer is here at last! To celebrate here are some of the best sun drenched clips of awesome people doing amazing tricks and flips! Featuring epic watersports like wakeboarding, wakesurfing and hydrofoil surfing as well as parkour, freerunning and tricking at the beach!
Insane Shipwreck Rope Swing at 70ft

Insane Shipwreck Rope Swing at 70ft

Insane shipwreck rope swing at the bos400 wreck in Cape Town, South Africa! Watch as Chris Rogers and his friends jump from a 30ft platform and swing under the crane on the shipwreck over the ice-cold Atlantic waters.


This awesome video has some amazing people doing incredible things! We have a lot of epic parkour and freerunning tricks and flips this week.

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