Apollo IE Hypercar Start Up and that's Pretty Insane 1

Apollo IE Hypercar Start Up and that’s Pretty Insane

During the Cars and Coffee Italy 2018 at Brescia, this car spotter had the pleasure to see and hear for the very first time the amazing brand new 2018 Apollo IE Intensa Emozione Hypercar. In this video you can hear Apollo IE's 780hp 6.3 liter Ferrari V12 engine being fired up and revved up!
Hey, I Like You

Hey, I Like You

Guys being attractive does help, but it's all about the surprise factor at play here. Before she even evaluates your looks, her brain is still rattling over your confidence. This shit works. Doesn't guarantee anything but being simple like this breaks the ice every time.
Joseph's Most Complex Machine Ever! 1

Joseph’s Most Complex Machine Ever!

Joseph hates to wait for his dessert, so here's a Rube Goldberg machine to streamline dinnertime. It lets me keep eating, with no break before cake. It took him 3 months to make built it.
Jimmy Kimmel Guesses 'Who's High?' 1

Jimmy Kimmel Guesses ‘Who’s High?’

The sale of recreational marijuana is legal here in the state of California, and there is a lot of recreation happening in our neighborhood, so to celebrate a visit from our guest Snoop Dogg we decided to play 'Who's High?' The way it works is Cousin Sal gets three pedestrians on Hollywood Blvd. and Jimmy has to guess which one of them is high.