Runball Rally 6

Runball Rally 6

On the 6th Day, God created the 6th Edition of the Runball Rally. It will be an epic drive through high profile cities and scenic back roads to be met at each stop by dedicated fans and paparazzi alike. The 2019 Runball Rally edition will take place on June 8 - 15.
The Next Chapter With Chris Rogers 1

The Next Chapter With Chris Rogers

In the next few weeks Chris Rogers is releasing weekly travel videos from locations like: Cape Town, South Africa, Namibia, California, Florida, Colorado, Turks and Caicos, Croatia, Greece and more!
Little Big Brussels

Little Big Brussels

Brussels is the capital and largest city of Belgium. Also it's actually a pretty cool city. Enjoy this ride through the city in 4 amazing minutes.
Traveling The World In 2 Years 1

Traveling The World In 2 Years

Over 130 flights, Chris Rogers travels the world from Bali, to the Maldives, to the Swiss Alps, Italian Dolomites to South Africa.. You name it, Chris probably has seen it all.
The Bahamas!

The Bahamas!

The Bahamas or The Bahama Islands are an incredible place at earth. We almost can say you have to visit it in your lifetime. Today we're going to explore the Bahamas… SuperTramp style!
Mexican Drug Cartels threatening Tourism in Cancun 2

Mexican Drug Cartels threatening Tourism in Cancun

Mexico's beach wars: This week Krishnan Guru-Murthy is in Mexico to see how the whole tourist industry is at risk of being destroyed. The drug wars are well known and generally kept away from the beach resorts, but right now there is a new threat, even in places like Cancun. The crew normally go and look for the story, but this time it came to them. Be warned there are scenes of gang violence you may find disturbing.

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