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Chrystophe Van Damme
Chrystophe Van Damme

Meet Team Road Runner (14 Photos)

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The Runball Rally, a new breed automative rally, is the most sporty, luxurious and high profile of its kind. Each year they gather to rally through an epic seven day adventure held in Europe. The Runball Rally tries to bring all petrol heads from all over the world together for an unforgettable, insane journey. Things you can expect are: beautiful road-views, extreme live sports action, exclusive parties, the companionship of sexy girls and off course lots of driving.

The Runballers make their way from one checkpoint to another, fueled by an impressive schedule of public and private events at the finest venues and hotels. This rally will occur in the most exciting cities of Europe – our parties are legendary with girls from Badchix Live and off course our own ultra sexy Runball hotties.

As the line-up for next year’s Rally is near 60 Teams, it’s time to do a couple of interviews with a few Runball Rally participants. Team 23 – Road Runner was our first team where we had the pleasure to do an interview with. As we have met them during the Super Sunday a one-day Rally in Europe.

Team Road Runner – Audi RS5

Badchix: Hi Chrystophe thank you for taking some time for us, please feel free to tell something about yourself. 

Hello, thank you and no problem so my Name is Chrystophe Van Damme (22). I’m born and raised in Belgium and you probably know my country from it’s famous chocolate, etc. 

Chrystophe Van Damme

Badchix: Hows it going ?

I feel very good, thank you for asking. Why ? Because i’m doing what I love to do. 

Badchix: That’s great to hear from you, so tell us what do you do in your daily life ?

Two years ago, I started my own company for landscaping. In this short time, I already did a lot of gardens. Everything from hardening to planting to putting up fences. In addition, I also do the maintenance of the gardens because that remains the most important in gardening. I’m also often in subcontracting with another landscaping company.

Badchix: Lovely to hear that, because nowadays we don’t spot a lot of people that work all day in nature. So we assume you love your work you do ?

Yes, because the work that I do is always varied and I like working outdoors.

Badchix: We see you have some nice wheels too, tell us something more about your ride.

Thank you, the car was a standard audi RS5 but I made same adjustments on the bodywork. The engine is tuned by Heinz. The last thing I recently changed were the wheels. These wheels came from Heinz Car Performance. They are 20″ wheels with Pirelli P Zero tires. The red edge on the wheels and the full wrap is done by B&C design. I prefer satin black wheels because I like the combination with the Full Warp Dragon Fire red quite a lot. It also gave the car a more aggressive look. 

Audi Rs5

Badchix: It certainly does look aggressive and the sound is pretty sick too. Do you take part into the Runball Rally, European 2016 edition ? 

For me it’s a dream comes true. It all started with watching videos on youtube of this wicked rally. At B&C design I met one of the organizers and he invited me in Knokke, the arrival of the Runball Rally 2015 edition. It was an awesome day. I met many new people. And it didn’t took me long to register my team once the registration went open for public. It’s like coming home. We call it the Runball Family! We drive like friends, we party as friends and we leave as a family.

Badchix: What’s something exciting that you haven’t done yet that you hope to eventually would like to do ?

One of the things on my bucket-list is definitely Skydiving. It seems to be something exciting and a big challenge to do once in your life.

Audi Rs5

Badchix: A question we ask all our guests, if you were homeless, what would your cardboard sign have written on it ?

If life is home.. a car is a dream. 

Badchix: A girl is about to buy you a drink at the bar, what would you like?

I prefer a nice champagne, but I probably would buy her a drink.

Audi Rs5

Badchix: Can you give us your thought of the day, and any advice to people out there chasing a dream, whether it be acting, landscaping, sports or music ?

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are, if you want to achieve something…G0 FOR IT !!

Runball Rally 2016

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