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Day 6 – Barcelona to Valencia

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Day 6 – The Meeting Point

The Runballers where waking up in the beautiful city of Barcelona challenging them-self after the awesome party at Pacha, Barcelona. The breakfast at the hotel was pretty huge and amazing with everything you could possibly want after a night out, and saved I guess everyone’s day!

Day 6 - Barcelona to Valencia 1

The route to Valencia was not that long at all and all the Runballers met up at High Cube, a really nice lounge at the harbor with a stunning view. While the drivers relaxed after the drive, there was a public car show in the underground parking and I admit there was way more crowd than what I ever expected. The underground parking lot was completely filled with car lovers and young fans admiring the cars and enjoying a conversation with some of the Runball Rally teams.

Day 6 - Barcelona to Valencia 7
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Later we checked into the hotel and some of the teams met up on the rooftop bar at the hotel for drinks. We were invited to a VIP party very close to the hotel and I joined some Runballers to the party.

Valencia I love you, it was amazing!!! But I was also super excited about the final day!

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