Texting and Driving
Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving Experiment

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pThe reasoning behind this experiment: Not only was it to reinforce to those driving and YOU the viewer the dangers of cell phone usage while driving, BUT also much more. FouseyTube wanted to see how important a text or a call was to the DRIVER while they were driving. We all go through important stuff daily. Sometimes we feel like it is necessary to take care of the situation then and now. But FouseyTube just want to raise the possibility of having you think, is it REALLY that important. p pFouseyTube wanted to see if he could possibly get them to refrain from their current call or text just until they got to their destination. Well, in this instance he wasn’t. But hopefully with this video it will show you why the text or call can wait. Please share this video to spread the message and get the point across to anyone and everyone who operates a motor vehicle.p pp
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