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webcam girl
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Webcam Modeling: What Is Like to Work as a Webcam Girl?

It so happens that you’ve heard that a friend of a friend of yours is making a good deal of money online, performing as a webcam model. The adult industry is a very lucrative field to work in and many girls feel intimidated by the thought of performing a live show. Camming is actually fun and loved by many young women who happen to enjoy it and also make a lot of money performing.

Although camming has been around for a while, it has seriously started reshaping the porn industry in this past year, since the world has been in lockdown most of the time. Lacking physical contact, most people enjoy having to watch a girl perform in real-time and even have a private chat for a personalized session. Striving for better satisfaction, after long sexual abstinence, men enjoy virtual sex with an attractive cam girl and can be really generous for the same.

Being very popular these days, cam girls enjoy great confidence, financial independence, complete control over their work, and the number of hours spent working. If you are wondering how much do camgirls make, you might be surprised to learn that there are models that earn as much as several thousand dollars a week. But is it all unicorns and rainbows? Let’s take a look at what it’s like to be working as a camgirl these days.

The Beginner Cam Model

Despite how confident a girl might be, the first camming performance will bring some stage fright and a girl should prepare to feel uncomfortable. Eventually, a girl learns how to follow the requests from visitors, get really comfortable, and put on a money-worthy show. It so happens that some performers never move to explicit performances or x-rated stuff. Their shows bring a modest amount of money but it can be satisfying for them and to an audience that likes to be intrigued and leave things to the imagination.

Another thing that might discourage a camgirl is the low amount of money she will earn at the beginning. For several hours a day spent camming, a beginner girl will make around $20. Luckily, many webcam sites will boost a beginner’s profile for the first week or so. This helps in gaining a regular audience that will, later on, bring a stable income.

Moving on to x-rated performances is what brings serious income. But this can’t be successful right away. The first time a girl is in a private room with a single person it might be quite frightening. However, starting there, a girl will practice getting comfortable and actually start enjoying herself. Most men enjoy seeing a woman in pleasure and they pay a lot of money for such an attitude.

A Cam Model is Completely in Control and Safe from Harm

There has always been a fine line between work and abuse when it comes to the adult industry. With camming, this threat is completely avoided. Not that there won’t be any insults and shaming, but a camgirl can always go offline in a matter of seconds or simply ignore bullies. What makes this job rather enjoyable, is the freedom to set up personal boundaries and never do anything that you do not feel like doing. Of course, these limits may also limit the income, however, feeling good about yourself and what you do is probably more important.

…but a camgirl receives insults and shaming quite often

For no reason, people will come to a girls chat room and comment on her “awful” performance, insult or shame her for her physical appearance. The first time this happens, every cam girl will experience shaken confidence and second-thoughts on the decision to work as a cam model. Unfortunately, this is not something anyone can avoid. Not only that there will be a lot of mean people, but they will also come, watch the show, and not pay. Ah men…

The Money Matter

Yes, a camgirl can make a fortune in a short period of time, but also, there is a chance that she wouldn’t. However, camming pays better than any middle-wage paying jobs, and if you happen to enjoy it, you will be making more money, soon. The overall income of a camgirl does not solely depend on the person’s attractiveness or the quality of the show. It also depends on the webcam site a girl has chosen to work on and the time and effort put into promotion.

There are three types of camming platforms that allow models to stream in order to make money. They all take a certain commission, and the payout rate usually varies from 30% to 70% of the total amount of money a girl has earned caming. Taking this into consideration, before starting, one should do good research to find the website that offers the best working conditions.

Here are the three types of websites mentioned:

1. Pay per minute: the viewer will pay for the time they have been watching the show. The model herself will set up the rate per minute.
2. Tipping with tokens – The shows are free for everyone to watch, but viewers can tip the model using tokens. These tokens can later be exchanged for the money-value they bring.
3. Subscription – probably the best way to get paid, certain platforms/websites allow you to create a profile and if someone wants to see the content you are posting, they need to pay a monthly subscription. This is excellent as it allows one to calculate the total monthly income from subscribers. Moreover, it does not require constant work. The model decides what kind of content and how recently to share on their profile.

Serious Relationship?

Yes, one might be wondering if a webcam girl can still be involved in a serious relationship. The answer is yes. Truth to be told, girls say it’s hard to find an understanding partner that wants to be committed to a webcam girl. However, there certainly are cam models that are involved in loving and serious relationships. Although some explanation and insights on your work might be required for a piece of mind, once a guy knows no one will touch you, and you won’t ever allow yourself to do something you do not want to, they are cool with you being a professional in what you do and go along with it. It takes some time to find one, but it definitely is possible.

Privacy or Popularity?

Popularity makes money, but privacy brings peace of mind. If a girl enjoys working as a webcam model but feels the paranoia of the understanding of the stigma attached to this profession, will be way more comfortable if it stays low-key. Privacy can be achieved by taking many precautions. First of all, there are girls that perform without showing their face on camera. Although this will not bring popularity, it will certainly aid your privacy. If one does, however, want to show face there are tons of websites available that target certain country-based audiences only, or offering the opportunity to block certain countries. This way, the model working on the site can block the country she lives in or several countries of choice.

Popularity, on the other hand, brings money and in some cases fame. There are webcam models that are popular as much as some show biz people. This helps them make tons of money but their lifestyle is orbiting around their career. They mostly achieve this using social media promotions and marketing tactics. As much as privacy keeps some girls enjoying cam modeling so does popularity for others. Therefore, cam modeling is for everyone, one should only dare to try it!

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