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back to the future 2015
back to the future 2015

How 2015 will look like on Oct. 21 – 2015

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In less than 290 Days (from today) it will be Back to the Future Day !!!

What the Movie Got Right So Far

  • Futurist Michael Rogers pointed out that old electronics “had become antiques in 2015,” much like present day. He recalled how an Apple I from the 1970s sold for $360,000 at an auction.
  • Rogers also said biometrics, large screen home displays, video telephone calls are “three definite hits” from the movie.
  • “Skype and Facetime are part of everyday usage; by the end of the decade I think it will be totally natural for younger users to transition from text to audio to video in a single call, depending on the content at the moment,” he added.
  • Futurist Glen Hiemstra told Newsweek the movie did a great job predicting flat-screen TVs well ahead of their emergence.
  • “The thing they got really right was big flat wall screens everywhere that you could talk to. Those pretty much didn’t exist in the late ’80s. There were no flat screens,” he said.
  • Anne Lise Kjaer, another futurist, said she noticed how the “flat tablet” and “iPhone-style camera” in “Back to the Future Part II.”
  • Tv Glasses. At the dinner table, Marty Jr. and the Marlene both watch TV on personal TV glasses. These exist now. I even reviewed a pair, called the Vuzix glasses, for work.
  • Video games without hands. When Marty is at Cafe ’80s he plays the old school NES game “Wild Gunman” to impress two little kids… the kids, though, can’t believe it’s a video game where you have to use your hands.
  • A baseball team in Miami. This one got a ton of press back in 1997 when the Florida Marlins bought their first World Series championship. (Yes, I’m from Cleveland and yes, 11-and-a-half years later and I’m still bitter about it.) The reason: In 1985 (when “BTTF Part II” is set) and in 1989 (when it was released), there was no baseball team in Miami, let alone one that would be a championship contender. In 2015, Marty sees that the Cubs beat a baseball team from Miami to win the World Series. It’s randomly prophetic… but prophetic nonetheless. Of course, we all know what happened when the Cubs and the team from Miami actually met in the playoffs (in the NLCS, not the World Series)… a nice collective bed crapping by Dusty Baker, Steve Bartman, Kerry Wood and Mark Prior made sure “Back to the Future Part II” wouldn’t come true.
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