Great White Shark Stalks Kayakers 1

Great White Shark Stalks Kayakers

“Had an awesome encounter with a very large Great White Shark in the kayak this morning. The footage kicks in after it had circled me once already and I decided to move away, unfortunately she decided to give chase, she was very curious. Please excuse the language, panicked breathing and shaky footage, but I’m sure considering what happened you can understand my excitement and fear.” – Ken Gerke.
Leopards learn how to Catch Catfish 1

Leopards learn how to Catch Catfish

David Attenborough narrates the intimate story of a leopard mother and her two cubs. This family must survive in the wilds of Botswana alongside some less-than-friendly neighbours: lions, wild dogs and hyenas. The competition for food is tough, and if they are going to make it they must learn a new skill - they must learn to fish.
Dutch TV presenter gets bitten by Shark 1

Dutch TV presenter gets bitten by Shark

Mr. Vonk said he was looking for Caribbean reef sharks at the islet of Bimini. It was about friendly sharks that are harmless to people, he says: "But things went wrong. One of the sharks made a mistake and took a big bite from my right upper arm. I knew immediately: this is bad stuff. " The biologist was rushed back to the mainland. With a trauma helicopter Vonk was then flown to the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami: "After a 3-hour operation, during which I was completely anesthetized, and more than 100 stitches, I can now raise my thumb again."

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