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Dutch TV presenter gets bitten by Shark 1

Dutch TV presenter gets bitten by Shark

Mr. Vonk said he was looking for Caribbean reef sharks at the islet of Bimini. It was about friendly sharks that are harmless to people, he says: "But things went wrong. One of the sharks made a mistake and took a big bite from my right upper arm. I knew immediately: this is bad stuff. " The biologist was rushed back to the mainland. With a trauma helicopter Vonk was then flown to the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami: "After a 3-hour operation, during which I was completely anesthetized, and more than 100 stitches, I can now raise my thumb again."
Joseph's Most Complex Machine Ever! 1

Joseph’s Most Complex Machine Ever!

Joseph hates to wait for his dessert, so here's a Rube Goldberg machine to streamline dinnertime. It lets me keep eating, with no break before cake. It took him 3 months to make built it.
What's Wrong in London? Scooter Gangs 1

What’s Wrong in London? Scooter Gangs

Word of advice mate. Keep two locks going forward, get an anchor so you can also chain it, pay for a GPS tracker and have it fitted and get a few bricks in your room next to your window. You won’t kill anyone wearing a helmet but if you’re lucky you’ll break a shoulder blade or something. They won’t file a complaint afterwards otherwise they’re basically confessing.
Boomerang tricks

Boomerang tricks

The guys from Dudeperfect can do very awesome tricks. I don't know how many times they try again, but it will not happen from the first time, I suppose.

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