Runball Rally

Greek Gods vs. Superheroes

From daily to supercars. We at Runball want to provide you a great time with other petrol heads. So we encourage drivers to be as creative as possible with their car and team!


The Countdown has already begun to our 7th edition. Runball Rally 2020. GREEK GODS vs. SUPERHEROES Do you see yourself as Zeus or do you think you are Superman? Keep in mind, there can only be one batman or one Poseidon. If you want to live your dream, be quick, once you are the chosen one, nobody can copy you. We look forward to our “Best Theme Award”. As Achilles said: immortality, take it, it’s yours!!
Runball Rally 6

Runball Rally 6

On the 6th Day, God created the 6th Edition of the Runball Rally. It will be an epic drive through high profile cities and scenic back roads to be met at each stop by dedicated fans and paparazzi alike. The 2019 Runball Rally edition will take place on June 8 - 15.

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