How to escape from a Cop

How to escape from a Cop

In case you ever find yourself in the back of a police car here's a tip to get out! Jack Valve rented a cop car for the day to see if anyone would let us out.

Peeling Sunburn Prank

If you are going to sunbathe, the average person knows that you should always rub yourself well with sunscreen, because if you don't ... it could go wrong.
Robber Movie Scene Prank

Robbery Movie Scene Prank

In this video the guys from TwinzTV ask random strangers to rob a liquor store for a movie scene, but there is no movie whatsoever and as soon as the wanna be actor goes inside to rob the store, the fake crew disappear. The police will soon arrive to arrest the wanna be actor which will be speechless when he discover that he was really executing an armed robbery.

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