Ken Jeong Eating Spicy Wings 1

Ken Jeong Eating Spicy Wings

Ken Jeong is known for his massively popular films like The Hangover and Crazy Rich Asians, his many hit TV shows including Community and The Masked Singer, and his hilarious standup—his first comedy special, "You Complete Me, Ho," is out now on Netflix. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the multitalented actor and former physician faces off against Sean Evans and the wings of death. As he battles the heat, Jeong dispels common medical myths, discusses his encounters with NBA legends like Shaq and Kevin Durant, talks about his first Prince concert, and even gives Sean a free check-up. You don't want to miss this one!
Michael Cera Eats Ultra Spicy Wings 1

Michael Cera Eats Ultra Spicy Wings

Michael Cera experiences mouth pains while eating spicy wings. Find out as Cera swats off the Scovilles and navigates his way through a Sean Evans-led interrogation covering everything from Superbad lore, to farmers market pet peeves, to his feelings on Jonah Hill Day. If you want to see him act on a million Scovilles, stick around until the end. If you want to see him act for real, check out The Waverly Gallery, premiering on Broadway this fall.
How to Make the Perfect Burger According to Science 1

How to Make the Perfect Burger According to Science

To be a real burger pro, you have to understand different ways to dial up flavor. Attaining Burger Lord status involves more than just a fancy cast iron or spatula. It involves science. That’s why Alvin is teaming up with food scientist and Museum of Food and Drink founder, Dave Arnold. Dave’s going to to pull back the curtain on essential scientific concepts—things like umami and the maillard reaction—that will help you make the perfect burger.
Cooking Disasters

Cooking Disasters

Cooking is difficult, but these people truly have no idea what they are doing in a kitchen. Forgetting to close the blender, starting a barbecue fire, not knowing how to cook spaghetti and many more fails in this compilation of cooking disaster videos!

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