Flash Mob Theft ($27,000 worth of Apple Products Stolen) 1

Flash Mob Theft ($27,000 worth of Apple Products Stolen)

Newly released surveillance video shows a "flash mob of thieves” striking the Fashion Fair Mall in Fresno, California. Culprits made away with a small fortune of Apple products. Seconds was all it took for the four young men in hoodies to make off with $27,000 worth of products, including iPhones. Lt. Mark Hudson of the Fresno Police Department said in a statement that the group took "Various iPhones, the iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and 8, and even the new iPhone X was taken in this grand theft."
Taking a SUBMARINE 500 meters below the ocean surface! 1

Taking a SUBMARINE 500 meters below the ocean surface!

One of the things that allows OceanX to explore our oceans is the M/V Alucia, a 183-foot exploration vessel equipped with two manned subs that can take researchers 1,000 meters deep, as well as an onboard helicopter and science labs. While we were onboard DevinSuperTramp interviewed some of the crew who get to take this amazing vessel all over the world.
The Future is near with LumiWatch 1

The Future is near with LumiWatch

At the SIGCHI conference last April the first fully-functional and self-contained projection smartwatch was presented: The LumiWatch. Integrating a bright 15-lumen projection module and touch sensor to provide a touchscreen interface right on your arm.
Red Bull HOMERUN 1

Red Bull HOMERUN in 360º

Here is the full Red Bull HOMERUN ski race in 360º! We hope you guys enjoy a little extra video today! Sorry for the shakiness of the image at the beginning, the GoPro Fusion was attached on a skipole. And also the quality was not at its fullest because Jon Olson shot at 60fps in case they needed some slow motion. Let us know in the comments if you guys like this type of extra video...
Paralyzed Man Moves his Hand controlled by his Own Brain for the First Time 2

Paralyzed Man Moves his Hand controlled by his Own Brain for the First Time

This next video is a pretty old one from 2014 but it so awesome to witness this medical breakthrough. A man in Ohio has become the first patient ever to move his paralyzed hand using his own thoughts. Doctors at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have teamed up with researchers from Battelle on the rollout of Neurobridge technology, that could someday give patients more control over damaged or paralyzed limbs.
Testing Robustness

Testing Robustness

A test of SpotMini's ability to adjust to disturbances as it opens and walks through a door. A person drives the robot up to the door, points the hand at the door handle, then gives the GO command, both at the beginning of the video and again at 42 seconds. The robot proceeds autonomously from these points on, without help from a person.

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