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Netflix signs exclusivity deal with Sony for Uncharted and Spider-Man films

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Sony and Netflix have agreed an exclusivity agreement for films from Sony’s Pictures Entertainment division. Netflix is ​​the first streaming service to decide whether it will purchase an SPE film or not and promises to stream multiple films.

Netflix writes that the agreement applies to the United States, “but that it will also be a source for bringing new Sony movies to Netflix worldwide.” The agreement is multi-year and will start in 2022. Films will first appear in theaters and on blu-ray, later they will come to Netflix. Sony names the SPE films Morbius, Uncharted, Where the Crawdads Sing, and Bullet Trains as films that Netflix will soon be the first to bid on.

A striking detail of the deal is that Marvel films made by Sony are also part of it. This means that Spider-Man and Venom movies may soon appear on Netflix instead of Disney +. However, if Netflix decides not to purchase such a Sony film, these films can still appear on Disney +. Marvel movies and series were already on Netflix before the arrival of Disney’s streaming service. When Disney + started, Disney discontinued these Netflix contracts.

In addition to new Sony Pictures Entertainment movies, Netflix will get a certain number of existing SPE movies to add to the catalog. Netflix previously had a similar agreement with Sony’s animation arm. According to Deadline sources, Netflix is ​​paying a billion dollars for the new four-year deal.

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