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Waitress hates
Waitress hates

Things That Every Waitress Hates

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Ever wonder if you’re annoying the waitstaff at a restaurant? If that thought crosses your mind, it’s probably safe to assume that the answer is yes. Most of the time, they’re too polite to say anything. But when asked point-blank in a Reddit forum, they’re more than happy to spill some of their biggest pet peeves.

In honor of Waiters and Waitresses, here are 10 things that every waiter and waitress hates. So next time you go for a bite make their jobs a little easier.

1 – Ask for the Gluten-free option

Do you even realise how much added effort that is for me? Ignorant bastard.

Waitress hates

2 – Eat half of the meal, then complain and expect a discount

You ordered a sandwich with beef, but actually you get turkey. Then complain with only the crusts leftovers.

Waitress hates

3 – Come behind the counter

Sir what made you think you’re allowed back here? Oh, you’re just grabbing more “ketchup” ? Well, excuse me.

Waitress Hates

4 – Put dirty napkins inside their empty mugs

We think we do them a favor, but in reality they hate to pick those things out, with their bare hands.

Waitress hates

5 – Asking for a table when the place is clearly overbooked already

Hold on, let me find my magic stick.

Waitress hates

6 – Asking to heat a baby bottle and then complain that it’s way too hot

Bitch, you’d be spending more time waiting for it to heat up than you need to wait for it to cool down.

Waitress  hates

7 – Customers that went to sit in an area that has a sign and barrier around it that says “reserved”

Sir, you had to pick the sign up and move it to get in here.

Waitress Hates

8 – With a huge smile on their face and saying “Keep the change” to a 5c coin

Well thank you, that’s going straight into the savings jar now.

Waitress hates

9 – Change their order a billion times

And then getting pissed off and rude when I ask them to repeat it all together one last time.

Waitress hates

10 – Try to get staff discount when they clearly don’t work here

I’m here six days a week and you’re trying to convince me you work here too? Lol.

Waitress hates

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