DAY 1 - 2016 Runball Rally - Knokke to Colmar

DAY 1 – 2016 Runball Rally – Knokke to Colmar

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The Runball Rally has officially began with a start in Knokke, Belgium. Over 3000 people made their way to the casino to watch the start and to check out the amazing cars.

The night before our start a new participator entered the rally with a Lamborgini aventador from the former owner DJ Afrojack and we are thrilled to have him join our awesome journy this week.

The cars took off from Knokke at around 11 and were arriving at Colmar, France at around 7 in the evening. The weather was mostly nice except for a little rain when driving through France.

We were welcomed to the 4 star hotel L`Europa in Colmar around dinner time and by then the sun was shining and the runballers were happy to check in and meet up for drinks at the hotel.

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