Can it Skate
Can it Skate


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“Can it Skate” will be a new video serie dedicated to trying out the weird, funny, expensive, and overhyped footwear of the world. We’re talking high heels, boots, slippers, hypebeast shoes, sandals… Whatever you can wear, our friends from jenkemmag will try and skate. Maybe even those dumb 5 finger shoes that health nuts and techies love to wear.

For the first episode Jason Byoun will stop by the Gucci store and try out a new pair of shoes. After being hesitant, the Gucci floor manager realized we were actually down to drop some coin, and we copped a fresh pair of white loafers. Jason was so hyped he literally skated out the door and continued the Gucci destruction down midtown Manhattan, where the whole video was filmed in only a little over an hour.

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