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High speed pursuit
High speed pursuit

High speed pursuit leads to discovery of drug stash

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These two men threw bales of marijuana out of their car during a high speed chase with police. Bales of marijuana were picked up by people driving down Interstate 8 on Wednesday, March 4, after two men involved in a high speed chase began throwing the bales out of their car, Jim Knupp, spokesman for Pinal County Sheriff’s office, said. The men, 43-year-old Mario Perez-Paz and 21-year-old Juan Aguilar-Zavala, were in a white Chevrolet Trailblazer that was speeding down the Interstate 8 highway.

Officials were able to set up spike strips which deflated both front tires of the Trailblazer. The men continued to drive the car with flat tires but eventually stopped near Val Vista Road, police said.y, according to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. After being chased by police, the men began throwing bales of marijuana out of their windows. The vehicle eventually exited at McCartney Road in Casa Grande.

Investigators said Perez-Paz and Aguilar-Zavala got out of the vehicle and began running but officers were able to catch them and take them into custody. The two were arrested. Police said the men told officers that they were offered $1,000 to drive the vehicle to a location were they were told to pickup some unknown packages.

This pursuit also led to the discovery of a stash house in Mesa where authorities said they also found 20 illegal immigrants from Guatemala and Mexico.

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