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Hiker caught exact moment of volcanic eruption in Chile

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Walter Witt was very lucky to record this and to escape with no injuries from this event. A lot of people have asked him: “Why didn’t you keep on recording?” Walter thinks it’s a fair question, anyone would, right? Well, it’s not that easy of course and so he would like to tell you what he felt in that exact moment.

You can easily say that I could just keep on recording for another 30 seconds and my chances of getting out of there are pretty much the same. This is true.

On the other hand you have 2 arguments against and both of them are very specific to this articular situation only, which of course I don’t blame anyone for not knowing. The first thing to consider is that I was on the third day of my trip using a mobile phone to take photos, videos and to communicate with other people. My phone probably had no more than 15% battery left and if I wanted to get out of there I really needed to save its energy in order to get rescued. Second, Not many know of the ground conditions in that place. Why would anyone assume that I could just run with the phone in my hand recording? It was in a mountain near a river, therefore there was rocks and water everywhere. If I wanted to escape from that place I really needed both of my hands to not fall and brake one of my legs… When I was escaping I got lost and fell a couple of times, I had to get across a river and I had to climb a couple of little rocks in order to make my way back.

But for me, the most important answer as to why I couldn’t keep on recording is that in that exact moment your mind operates in a different way. Your unconscious mind takes over your conscious (logic) mind and therefore you just operate instinctively, in this case is your survival instinct the one making every decision for you.

I’m going to write a blog sometime this week to tell the full story of this event because I think it deserves it, there is a lot more than just this video that I believe it’s worth telling.

Hopefully this helps to clarify this question to those wondering “why”…

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