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I Love Tattoos
I Love Tattoos

I Love Tattoos by Masha Hilton (Photos & Review)

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Last Saturday ‘I Love Tattoos’ hosted by Masha Hilton took place in Antwerp, Belgium, which delivered a memorable evening to an eager crowd. We at Badchix ordered some VIP-passes to check out and review this teasing event. The doors opened at the strike of eleven, to R&B beats emanating from the speakers. When we arrived at 1 o’clock our names where not listed, unfortunately and the woman handling the VIP list, wasn’t very helpful either. Luckily we were able to call the event’s host… Only 2 minutes later we we’re in the building, Ready to rock!

I love Tattoos 1


The venue named Club Lotus was roomy with a minimalistic led decoration that looked pretty nice. A downside was that the venue doesn’t have a real vip section that stands out from the rest of the club.

I love Tattoos 2


What did you get if you were a VIP at ‘I love Tattoos’? Well, one free drink of your choice and free toilet access all night long and if you pay extra you get a seat and a table too.

I love Tattoos 3


In line with this party’s theme, the DJs played RnB music, which was nice, yet it wasn’t totally our kind of RnB. Besides the live DJs there were no female dancers or special live acts visible, something we believe to be a great way to take a clubber’s party to the next level.
Also the crowd was made up of 80% men. This made the lack of entertainment a bit of a bummer too.

But hey they had a few confetti explosions, so hooray for that!

I love Tattoos 4


Maybe, it depends on what the hosts of this event are planning to do next. We expected a bit more from the epic and teasing name ‘I love Tattoos’: some live acts by tattooed men/women and more people with tattoos maybe?


Besides the few misses, we enjoyed the night. The only way is up, right? So we give a warm round of applause and some high fives to the hosts, crew & organization and we’ll definitely keep an eye on this!


I love Tattoos 15

Badchix: Hi girl, thank you for having us! So Masha tell us a little about yourself.

Masha: You’re welcome it’s nice to have you guys. About me, I like my hair messy. My love wild and my sex aggressive. But I’m still a sensitive woman, just with the right passion. And to be honest, from all the things I’ve lost in my life, I miss my mind the most.

Badchix: Hows it going?

Masha: Last time I checked, I was still alive, inked and pretty. So we all cool.

Badchix: So, Club Lotus, huh? What exactly do you do there? 

Masha: Club Lotus has 3 main organizers and a brilliant team of promoters. I manage the VIP and organize the ‘I Love Tattoos’ party. (smile)

Badchix: Why did you decide to host own events?

Masha: I always wanted to host open-minded kind of events. The idea behind ‘I Love Tattoos’ was to create a party for everybody and just celebrate being young, wild and free. And for me, a tattoo symbolizes all that and reflects a certain memory you never want to forget.

Badchix: It seems that you love your job.

Masha: Abso-f*cking-lutely! I love the people I work with and everybody that I get to meet because of my job.

Badchix: What’s something exciting that you haven’t done yet that you hope to eventually do?

Masha: Yea, I always wanted to do an ‘I love Tattoos’ edition on the moon!

Badchix: We see that you have some ink. What influences you to get tattooed?

Masha: I love art and I can appreciate all the forms of it. Whether if it’s live performing, painting, photography or even sculpture. I love how art is the same in every language, and how art can bring people together. When it comes to tattoos, I think we can all agree that painting on human skin is way more impressive than a white canvas. Besides, I can wear my art every day. (wink)

Badchix: A question we ask all our guests, If you were homeless, what would your cardboard sign have written on it?

Masha: ‘Will pose for change.’

Badchix: We are about to buy you a drink at the bar, what would you like?

Masha: I’m one of those girls who doesn’t only wear the brand, but actually drinks it as well. My man, Jack D.

Badchix: What does turn you on?

Masha: I’m a sapiosexual. I admit to being attracted to a cute face, or a sexy body, or a winning smile. But those things catch my eye. For someone to keep my attention requires the ability to uphold their side of a conversation. I also admit that geeks and nerds are sexy, I often want to rub my clit against their minds.

Badchix: You’re a gorgeous looking girl, what does it take for the guys even girls out there to pick you up?

Masha: Well, that’s easy. If you ain’t tattooed, you ain’t worth it.

Badchix: Can you give us your thought of the day, and any advice to people out there chasing a dream, whether it be acting, modeling, sports or music?

Masha: If you really want something and truly believe that you need it to stay alive; chase it all way, hunt it down. ‘Cause through the years I’ve learned that if you want something, you’ve never had, you’ve got to be willing to do things you’ve never done. 

Badchix: Where do you feel your sexiest ?

Masha: Without a doubt on the dance floor!



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