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badchix iphone 6 plus bend test
badchix iphone 6 plus bend test

iPhone 6 Plus #Bendgate

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iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

In 2014 phones are not that small and compact as they used to be. Now that Apple’s released the larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on the public, reports of bent iPhones are floating around the Internet. The scandal, known affectionately as #Bendgate on Twitter all started when one iPhone 6 Plus owner found that his brand-new phone was slightly bent after being in his front pocket all day. Of the hundred zillion people who lined up to purchase an iPhone 6 on Day 1, we wonder how many have experienced what some are calling #Bendgate? Word on Twitter is that the new aluminum phone can be easily bent by hand, or if carried in a tight pants pocket.

Update: How will the Note 3 hold up compared to the iPhone 6 Plus in a similar bend test?

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