badchix Pot Quiz with Jimmy Kimmell

Pot Quiz with Jimmy Kimmel

The Marijuana industry is getting involved in the political process. And Jimmy Kimmel wondered if regular pot smokers pay enough attention to politics to make a positive impact, so they sent a crew to a medical marijuana dispensary in Hollywood armed with...
badchix Sniffing Strangers Prank

Sniffing Strangers Prank

Simple and Awesome Prank..why is there no white people in the video? Because our Russian friend Vitalyzd says that African-American people give the best reactions and actually express them selves not like white people..."oh I am gonna call the cops".
badchix Nestlé FITNESS

The Hidden Bra Cam Expirement

The following video that you are about to view is about awareness for breast cancer. To remind women around the world to check their breasts regularly to help prevent breast...
badchix Improv Everywhere

Improv Everywhere – The MP3 Experiment 11

Thousands of people listening to secret instructions via headphones! After the jump you can watch the latest mission of Improv Everywhere, where thousands of people pressed play simultaneously and listened to an mp3 file filled with ridiculous instructions in...
badchix food porn

Food porn… nom nom nom (33 Photos)

Food porn is a glamourized spectacular visual presentation of cooking or eating in advertisements, infomercials, cooking shows or other visual media, foods boasting a high fat and calorie content, exotic dishes that arouse a desire to eat or the glorification of food as a substitute for sex. Food porn often takes the form of food photography and styling that presents food provocatively, in a similar way to glamour photography or pornographic photography.