wellness beer hot tub prague

Naked Beer Hot Tub Sessions in Prague

In Prague there is a wellness that allows its customers to sit in a vat of 98 degree beer while they down as much (cold) beer as they can handle. Yes you have read that right, you bathe in beer!
iphone pranks

5 Harmless iPhone Pranks

Are you a prankster? Do you friends have iPhones? Then you'll want to watch this video featuring 5 gags you can pull on your friends' iPhones right now. Make them think you're typing forever - or that their home screen is frozen. Or just completely lock them...

Sci-Fi Short Film – Phoenix9

Check out this fantastic Indie Sci-Fi short film by the talented Amir Reichart & Peer Gopfrich ! After a global nuclear war has turned earth into a scorched wasteland, a struggling group of survivors discovers a secret installation that offers a new beginning...
tie jimmy kimmel fredie

Tie Fighters (ft. Jimmy Kimmel)

Jimmy and Freddie get into a physical altercation in the men's room. Special thanks to Jimmy Kimmel and the team at Jimmy Kimmel Live for letting us beat up their host!