Ravens can talk

Ravens can talk

This is Mischief the White-Necked Raven. These ravens are found throughout eastern and southern Africa, and are common near human habitation.
feeling sick

Pregnancy PRANK on Boyfriend

Kate pretty much had been saying that she had been 'feeling sick/vomiting' over the past couple of weeks. She literally made all of that up just to fool her boyfriend! Check out how she PRANKED "Whealth by Slaiman" by telling him that she was Pregnant.

Snowy Wedding from a Dogs POV

On November 2nd, 2014, Addie and Marshall got married on the top of Roan Mountain, TN in 2 feet of snowy wonder. It was cold and magical. Their dog, Ryder, insisted on filming the wedding video, so they let her do her thing. She took awhile to edit the footage, but we think she did a great job.