Runball 2022 – Ibiza

Benelux • Paris • Saint-Tropez • Barcelona • Valencia • Denia • Ibiza

Pre-Reserve your RUNBALL 2022 team spot. Summer 2022 Runball Rally Europe goes from Benelux • Paris • Saint-Tropez • Barcelona • Valencia • Denia to Ibiza.
Check out the first teaser trailer for Paramount Plus’ upcoming sci-fi action film, Infinite. The movie stars Mark Wahlberg as a troubled man who discovers he has been reincarnated multiple times and who then joins the ranks of a secret group of other “Infinites” out to save the world.
A new update to Microsoft Flight Simulator cuts the amount of disk space the game takes up in half. The update released by Microsoft and developer Asobo makes the total file size of the game about 83 GB. Previously, the game took up around 170 GB of disk space.
The Runball Rally is not a race or timed event as most assume. The vision of Runball started back in 2013, after our founder had been active in the automotive lifestyle scene for more than eight years.
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